Yipu has produced carriers and catalysts for nearly thirty years. The products are mainly used in desulfurizing, pre-reforming, reforming, hydrogenation, ammonia industry, methanol industry, steel industry, coal-to-syngas industry which are still in R&D phase cooperating with several institutes, and other industries such as biochemical engineering. Also, Yipu has produced unique carriers and catalysts to meet custom’s special needs.

Yipu has closely coordinated with companies and institutes. The main coordination partners include Sinopec Changling Catalysts Company, CNPC Fushun Petrochemical Company ,Panjin Süd-Chemie Liaohe Catalyst Co.,Ltd, Johnson Matthey Catalyst, Shell, Beijing Chemical Industry Institute, CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research & Design Institute etc. Our products are sold to lots of countries and areas such as United States, Japan, Germany, The Netherlands,Middle East and so on.

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